Forward-looking companies recognise the excellent value for money that comes from the right type of corporate wellness program.

Study after study shows that relaxation, meditation and mindfulness  increase levels of well being, capacity to handle stress, health and motivation, thereby reducing employee “burn-out” and absenteeism.

Positive psychology brings a new dimension into corporate wellness and executive coaching , focusing on the positive side of human nature, on cultivating strengths, and creating the conditions for maximum employee flow and engagement, using interventions that are scientifically proven to be effective.

What company doesn’t want to give itself the “human edge” by having a work-force that is “flourishing” rather than “languishing”?

Positive Psychology workshops are an extremely cost effective way of bringing the benefits of positive psychology to your workforce.  Each workshop lasts 1.5 hours, and can be taken on its own or combined into a full day or half day programme.

Currently, four workshops are on offer:

Flourishing under fire : how to increase your Positivity Ratio

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Optimistic Thinking Skills

Signature Strengths, engagement and flow.

Positive psychology workshops are participative rather than lecture-based, are fun and rewarding for participants,  and the skills learned tend to be self-reinforcing.

Corporate Wellness: fee on application

Corporate Wellness

Margaret has a background in business and is a Registered Organisational Psychologist with PSI (Psychological Society of Ireland). She has provided stress management training, yoga and well being sessions, workshops in positive psychology and positive psychology coaching to a variety of organisations including :

Banking 365

Canada Life


Government departments


Prison service


In addition to numerous SMEs, community groups & womens’ groups.

email:   or   call:    01-8339902